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Sweet Sweet Emma came in recently for one of our Newborn Mini Sessions and she gave us all but a Mini Session. In 45 minutes, her dreamy sleepy self gave us almost a complete full Newborn Bliss Session with so many adorable options for Mom and Dad to choose from.

Brandi and I had a great time loving on her for the short time we had her in the studio. I think judging from all of the tiny little smiles she gave us, she had a great time too!

Jason & Fern….. Your Emma is one incredible little girl!

Thank You so much for allowing us to love on her and document this amazing time for you all!

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Today I got to meet and love on this beauty.

Her Mom is my little cousin. I am in awe that I am now photographing this little one and that I will be able to watch her grow as I did with her mom.

Avinleigh came in wide awake and was busy checking out the surroundings of the studio as we started, but soon gave in to my sleepy vibes and drifted off to dreamland.

Sarah & Dakota, Thank you so much for bringing her in today and letting me love on her. She is absolutely breathtaking and I am so excited to watch her grow into the magnificent person she will turn out to be.

Love You All!


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Precious Raeleigh and her parents came in recently for her Newborn Session.

We had a fantastic time, loving on Raeleigh as she dreamed away her entire time with us.

She also brought along her “sister” for the session as that was something that mom desperately wanted when she contacted us to inquire about our services. Little Sadie Rose is definitely not just a family pet. She is a part of the family and helped mom through some pretty tough times as they faced struggles to get their Rainbow baby.

There is a ton of meaning behind almost every image we took for this family and I am so honored that they chose us to document such a miraculous time for them as they finally received the ultimate miracle in Baby Raeleigh.

Travis & Jenny,

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. We are so pleased to be a very small part of your new incredible life.

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How insanely cute is this little man!?!

Thomas was another session we had recently that was just perfection. Everything went great while Brandi and I snuggled on this guy for his session.

I have truly been blessed with an abundance of sleepy little newborns this past couple of months.

Andrew & Kirsten,

Congratulations on your Amazing little guy and graduation from just the two of you to a family of 3!

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Piper came to see me at 4 Weeks old!

It is ALMOST unheard of to get  several different sleepy baby poses with a baby at this stage. While I do prefer to have babies in sooner, some circumstances just won’t allow for that and I will never ever turn a baby away because they are “too old!” Yes, I always try to manage expectations and let parents know that some poses may not be possible and we may have some awake images but….. as you can see, IT IS POSSIBLE as Piper, and many other older babies have proven to me time and time again.

Piper was the picture of PERFECTION throughout her entire session and just slept through it all. I will even go as far as to say, she might have been one of the easiest babies I have ever had the opportunity to photograph.


She is my 3rd cousin (?, I think, haha!).

Anyhow, her parents are pretty great too and they are creatives in their own right as they own Scrap Shack! Which if you haven’t heard of it, is a neat business that specializes in Custom Metal Art, Laser Etching, Powder Coating, Vinyl Decals, & much more. If you have a custom metal tumbler, bought locally, there is a good chance that they did the customization. So if you get a chance or would like a unique gift for someone, check out their Facebook page (Linked above). They have tons of options!

Now for the super fun part. Here are a few (Actually quite a few) of my favorite images from Piper’s session.

Kevin & Kaci, thank you so much for choosing me to document your little one. I am beyond excited to watch her grow over the next year and beyond.

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